Dear CENTUS participants and partners!

As a result of the second (final) stage of the General Election of CENTUS Admins and Moderators, the following results were obtained:

By a majority of votes, the project administrators have chosen:


By a majority of votes, the project moderators have chosen:


Due to the fact that the elections of candidates from several groups were unanimously declared invalid by the general decision of the Election Commission, it was decided to temporarily perform (until the next elections) the duties of administrators and moderators by the following participants:


Take 100 USD — return 98 USD + 4.5%

If you have at least 5000 STABLECENT on your regular Stellar wallet you need:

1. Open a trustline for the USD asset at your deposit address.

2. Create a cloud deposit for your STABLECENT

3. In your account enter the tab “USD Credit

4. Scroll to the “GET USD NOW” button

5. Fill out the US Dollar Bill (USD) Issue Request, indicating the 100% issue amount and the amount of STABLECENT available in the appropriate fields.

6. Press the SUBMIT button

7. In a new window…

Old DBC and BINC tokens are available for exchange to QADSAN token-shares now.

You can exchange your existing old tokens at a 1:1 rate to the token-shares of your choice.

To exchange, you need to fill out the form and send your old DBC and BINC tokens to Stellar address GB3VL5FHSKPLHG7PW34ANUM6OGVPBCJABMD6TM3B57NIS77X2OEPO6GD

❗️❗️❗️When sending old tokens to a MEMO, be sure to indicate your Telegram ID, all transactions specified without a MEMO with your Telegram ID will not be considered!❗️❗️❗️

The term of the exchange is 10 days after the release of the news, until 07/25/2021 inclusive.

The purchase and…

Dear CENTUS participants,

To return old tokens sent for burning, you need to do the following steps:

- create a new Stellar address;
- open trustlines for old tokens in INTERSTELLAR:








- send a message to the BILLEX chat in the following format:

#oldtokens refund
Telegram username @……
1) Stellar address for return
2) Stellar addresses from which old tokens were sent for burning (CENTUS, DBC, CENTUSX, BINC, BINCOME, USD, BILLEXC)
3) the amount of each token and the date of sending!

After verification, the old tokens will be transferred to your new return address

Good luck, best regards, CENTUS team!🤝

At the first stage, old CENTUS, CENTUSX, USD, BINCOME and BILLEXC tokens are available for exchange.
You can exchange your existing old tokens at a 1:1 rate to the following token-shares of your choice:

Time of Quiz: 10.06.21–13.06.21 (00:00 UTC time inclusive)*.

No candidates, no lists: just place your BET and WIN!!!💰💰💰

You can place a BET for any participant of the CENTUS project you respect, up to a maximum of 5 people (5 bets), except for the current admins-moders and the founders of CENTUS support groups, as well as members of the Election Commission:




Who do you think will become an admin/moderator?


Try to guess the maximum number of votes they can potentially get and after wait for the…

After the discount auction dated May 6–8, 2021, the participants who did not win, as well as all other interested participants, were offered the convert of CENTUS tokens for BILLEX at a rate of 1:1

As a result, as of the date of the end of the exchange 21:09 on 05/31/2021, 288,471,727.4606744 CENTUS were converted into the corresponding amount of BILLEX.

TOTAL, taking into account the auction, 383,471,727.4606744 CENTUS were converted and burned.

For participants who opened trustlines for BILLEX, tokens were sent to Stellar addresses from where CENTUS was sent.

In addition, STABLECENT tokens will be sent to all…

Dear CENTUS participants and partners!

We announce the beginning of preparations for the General Election of CENTUS Admins and Moderators.

The elections will be held in several stages.

1. Election of the Election Commission.
This commission will carry out the preparation of the elections and control the fairness of their holding. Any member of the community (except for administrators and moderators) can become a member of the commission.
- The number of members of the commission is from 3 to 5 people.
- The term of the elections is 7 days.
- The candidates will be elected to the election commission, for whom the…

From the moment the news is released, the updated CENTUS Bounty program has been launched.

The withdrawal of earned funds from Bounty wallets is tied to the STABLECENT market cap, the withdrawal of funds will begin after reaching the capitalization of 500 million STABLECENT (5 million USD) to your regular Stellar wallet:*

500 million STABLECENT — 10%
600 million STABLECENT — 15%
700 million STABLECENT — 20%
800 million STABLECENT — 25%
900 million STABLECENT — 30%

Please don’t forget to open a trustline for the STABLECENT token.

For the entire period, seigniorage is accrued to your Bounty wallets 2…

From the moment the news is published, a new Stable Cent token (basic token) is being issued for the period of the CENTUS price stabilization.

Asset code: STABLECENT

Friendly name: CENTUS Stable Cent

Total supply: 100,000,000


Home domain:


The capital of the basic token is formed by introducing deductions from the basic income of each CENTUS holder in the amount of 1% of the Stellar wallet balance.

STABLECENT holders receive a seigniorage at the rate of 0.52% and the basic income at the rate of 2% every Tuesday and Friday.

Seigniorage is paid in STABLECENT tokens…

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