SPECIAL OFFER — Unlock 100% CENTUS in just 3 months!

2 min readAug 14, 2023


Great news for multisig SAFE wallet holders! When purchasing CENTUS from the release of this news, you can unlock up to 100% of CENTUS on your multisig wallet in just 3 months.

Simply hold the purchased CENTUS in a regular wallet for only 3 months, receiving seigniorage basic income, and then transfer 100% of the purchased CENTUS to your regular wallet.

Unlock 100% of CENTUS without making a purchase! Invite a friend to buy CENTUS for 3 months, they will receive seigniorage and basic income, and you will receive 100% of the amount of their purchase!


  • Up to 5% bonus on the purchase amount of CENTUS
  • Staged token unlocking
  • Earning seigniorage and basic income from purchased CENTUS
  • Ability to sell seigniorage at any time
  • The opportunity to sell CENTUS at any moment if you change your mind
  • A participant has the ability to sell any amount of CENTUS tokens during the program’s duration. In this scenario, a proportional amount corresponding to the balance in the regular wallet gets unlocked from the multisignature address. This offers a fluid interaction, allowing participants the flexibility to manage their tokens as per their needs within the program timeframe.

IN TOTAL, in 3 months, you will receive: up to 5% BONUS, seigniorage accrued over 3 months + early unlock of 100% CENTUS!

Details about unlocking can be found here. Hurry up, the offer end dates will be announced later!

Sincerely, CENTUS🤝💚