10% Monthly CENTUS Early Unlocking on SAFE Multisig Wallets

2 min readOct 25, 2023


Dear CENTUS holders on bounty and security deposit addresses,

Starting from November 1st, we are introducing a new feature: the opportunity to early unlock any assets including CENTUS, BINCOME, BINC on SAFE multisig wallets just one month after the CENTUS purchase. Our goal is to provide you with greater flexibility in asset management.

How it will work:

1. Purchase CENTUS tokens via DEX UniSwap or directly on the centus.one website using Coinbase.
2. Store your purchased CENTUS in your wallet, receiving daily seigniorage and basic income.
3. A one month after the purchase, start the phased withdrawal of 10% CENTUS, BINCOME or BINC from your multisig wallet every month.


- A bonus of up to 5% of the CENTUS purchase amount.*
- The ability for monthly early unlocking of 10% CENTUS from your multisig address.
- Regular seigniorage and basic income payouts on stored CENTUS.
- The option to sell your seigniorage and basic income anytime.
- Increase the unlocking volume by purchasing additional CENTUS.
- Sell CENTUS at any time if you urgently need funds. If not all tokens are sold, the unlocking will be proportional to the remaining balance.

Early Unlocking: How to Do It:

Visit the CENTUS purchase page and follow the form instructions. Make sure you are logged into the site, and your CENTUS profile is correctly filled out.

Unlocking Without Purchase:

You can also unblock your CENTUS without making a purchase. When your invited partners buy CENTUS, you can request early unlocking of your tokens. Your partner will receive a bonus of 50% of the purchase amount.*

Thank You For Your Continuous Support and Trust! We Work For You!

Best regards,
The CENTUS Team ❤️🤝

*A 5% bonus from your purchase will be converted to BINCOME in a month.
*Invited partners should not have CENTUS tokens on a multisig address or submit a simultaneous unlocking request.