Exclusive Offer — Preferential Early Unlocking of CENTUS from Multisig Wallets!

3 min readJul 18, 2023

Dear CENTUS holders, we have exciting news for those of you holding CENTUS on SAFE multisig wallets!

You can now gain preferential early access to CENTUS, which are locked in your Bounty and security deposit multisig wallets.

You have the opportunity to unlock your CENTUS early by simply purchasing additional tokens in the amount you plan to unlock. Keep the purchased CENTUS in a regular wallet for just 3 (three) months, earning seigniorage, and after the period ends you will be able to transfer 50% of the purchased CENTUS amount to your main wallet. And if you hold your tokens for 6 (six) months, you can unlock 100%!

Purchasing CENTUS for the full amount locked in the multisig wallet will unlock all 100% of the locked funds.


  • Up to 5% bonus on the purchase amount of CENTUS
  • Staged token unlocking
  • Earning seigniorage and basic income from purchased CENTUS
  • Ability to sell seigniorage at any time
  • The opportunity to sell CENTUS at any moment if you change your mind
  • A participant has the ability to sell any amount of CENTUS tokens during the program’s duration. In this scenario, a proportional amount corresponding to the balance in the regular wallet gets unlocked from the multisignature address. This offers a fluid interaction, allowing participants the flexibility to manage their tokens as per their needs within the program timeframe.

After this period, you can repeat the process and unlock the next amount of CENTUS taking into account the 5% bonus and accumulated seigniorage and basic income. And so on until you unlock 100% of CENTUS on your multisig wallet. It’s that easy!

But that’s not all. Even if you already have CENTUS in regular wallets and locked tokens in a SAFE wallet, we are happy to fix your current balance.

To confirm early unlocking, simply visit the page https://centus.one/buy/ and select the necessary values in the fields:

1. CENTUS token

2. Purchase via Coinbase or UniSwap/Wallet

3. CENTUS amount in your regular wallet

4. Order number when buying via Coinbase or transaction hash, when buying on the exchange

5. Amount of locked CENTUS in your SAFE wallet

6. Select “Unlock CENTUS from My Multisig Address” to unlock CENTUS from multisig.

And what’s truly unique — you can unlock your CENTUS without making a purchase! To do this, invite a friend to buy CENTUS for 3–6 months.

To unlock your CENTUS earned from your junior partners’ purchases, log in to your profile on the centus.one website. Go to the “Affiliate Area” tab, then select the “Unlock CENTUS” option and fill in all the required details about the purchase made by your partner.

Your contacts, Polygon addresses, including multisigs and addresses of your junior partners will be automatically filled in from your profile.
Please make sure to fill out all necessary fields in your CENTUS Profile beforehand. It will not be possible to edit the data in the form, so double check your Profile details and fill in any missing information. After that, return back to the purchase page and continue filling out the form.

CENTUS purchase must be made on https://centus.one/buy/ using Coinbase or Uniswap DEX/Wallet. But remember, if you buy CENTUS outside our site, we won’t be able to capture your Polygon address, and you’ll have to resolve the issue through customer service.

There has never been a better time to take advantage of CENTUS opportunities. Buy CENTUS today and start enjoying all the benefits of the unlocking program! Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock your CENTUS and receive high accumulated income. Together we will make the CENTUS project even more successful!

Regards, CENTUS team❤️🤝

Note: Invited partner should not have CENTUS on a multisig wallet.