Special CENTUS NFT tokens for the First 100 new CENTUS 3.0 holders!

2 min readJan 23, 2022

As announced in the news of 12/01/2021, for the first 100 holders of the updated CENTUS 3.0, special CENTUS NFT tokens will be issued, as well as a special coin with a unique number for participating in monthly lotteries and increased seigniorage.

In connection with the issue of a limited series of the first CENTUS NFT tokens in the near future, CENTUS 3.0 holders are requested to fill out an application form indicating the following data:

- Email;
- Stellar address;
- Telegram Username;
- Your CENTUS purchase amount;
- Date of purchase;
- Time of purchase;
- Transaction link.

For several purchases please complete the form several times, all answers will be taken into account.

CENTUS NFT with Perpetual Seigniorage Basic Income.

1 CENTUS NFT ≥ $0.01

CENTUS NFT is analogous to registered bonds with perpetual seigniorage basic income. CENTUS NFT cannot be clawed back and is not convertible to BILLEX; its holders always receive seigniorage in CENTUS tokens. The price of CENTUS NFT cannot drop below 1 CENTUS; it can always be exchanged for 100 CENTUS or more, depending on market demand.

CENTUS NFT tokens will be credited to Stellar addresses of participants depending on the number of CENTUS available at the time of issuing NFT tokens. The accrual coefficient will be set after their issue.

Do you want to get a special CENTUS Stable Cent coin linked to CENTUS NFT with a unique number for FREE to participate in monthly lotteries and increase seigniorage? Just fill out the form!

Good Luck to All Participants!💲💲💲