Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Buy CENTUS

3 min readSep 2, 2023

Dear CENTUS Participants,

In our commitment to ensuring the long-term stability of CENTUS and reducing the inflationary impact caused by seigniorage emissions, a vote was conducted among DBC token holders, and several decisions have been made regarding the following matters:

1. Payment of Primary Basic Income in BINCOME Tokens Equivalent to USD

We are shifting to pay the primary basic income for CENTUS holders in the form of BINCOME tokens, ensuring stability and reliability.

2. Establishment of the Primary Basic Income Rate for CENTUS Holders

The primary basic income rate for CENTUS holders on regular Polygon addresses is set at 0.5% and is paid out every Tuesday and Friday (4% per month).

3. Daily Bonus Seigniorage

We are introducing a daily bonus seigniorage up to 0.05% in CENTUS tokens for all CENTUS holders (1.5% per month):
- Regular addresses: 0.05% per day
- Multisig addresses: 0.01% per day
This will be an additional bonus on top of the primary basic income.

4. Additional Basic Income in BINC Tokens

We are introducing daily additional basic income in BINC tokens, which amounts to 10% of the CENTUS balance on regular Polygon addresses. For every 1000 CENTUS, a holder will receive 100 BINC tokens (approx. 4% per month in USD).*

100 BINC х $0.00014 x 30 = $0.42 на 1000 CENTUS ($10) ≈ 4% per month
(BINC value as of September 2, 2023)

5. 50% Bonus for Purchasing CENTUS

All participants who purchase CENTUS receive a bonus in BONUS tokens, equal to 50% of the purchase amount. This bonus is converted into Basic Income Tokens (BINCOME) at a rate of 10% monthly, one month after the purchase. This bonus is applied to every CENTUS purchase.

For purchases of CENTUS intended for preferential early unlocking from multisig addresses, the bonus is paid at a rate of up to 5% of the purchase amount, with 100% conversion after one month.

CENTUS must be kept in the wallet for the entire conversion period.*

6. Rates for Bounty and Security Deposit Addresses

Basic income rates for bounty and security deposit addresses remain unchanged.

As a result of the additional allocations, CENTUS holders will receive approximately 14.5% per month, which is 6.22% higher than before. Additionally, they can benefit from the growth of BINCOME and BINC token values.

On the other hand, we have reduced the inflationary model based on the seigniorage basic income from 20% per month to just 1.5%. This makes CENTUS a stable and resilient asset in the long term, instilling confidence in the project.

BINCOME and BINC tokens have their own value and are liquid when paired with CENTUS, making them advantageous for holders.

In summary, CENTUS becomes more appealing for investment as it offers stability and profitability.

Best Regards,

*The quantity of BINCOME may vary but CENTUS holders will receive no less than 0.5% of their wallet balance in USD equivalent.

*The basic income rate in BINC tokens depends on the BINC market price and may change according to the current BINC market value.

*CENTUS tokens must remain in the participant’s wallet throughout the entire conversion period of BONUS tokens. If CENTUS is withdrawn from the wallet, the BONUS tokens cannot be converted.