We distribute more than 71 million coins among all Debitcoin holders on May 1, 2018.

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Snapshot of the block #5534863

As announced on 06/03/2018, it has been burned 900 million Debitcoin (DBC) out of the total emission of 1 billion DBC and today the outstanding balance is 100 million DBC.

Next, a snapshot of the blockchain was made as of May 1, 2018 on block #5534863

In total 71,257,390 DBC will be fully distributed among all Debitcoin holders as of 01/05/2018 in proportion to the balance in the wallets at the date. Coefficient to distribution — 3.08, i.е. about 3 additional coins will be received by each Debitcoin holder.

1) 23.08% 23,082,610 DBC — on the addresses of participants, including deposits and Social Credit Network (transferability of rights):

15.73% — 15,732,610 DBC — on participants’ wallets and deposits

7.35% — 7,350,000 DBC — Social Credit Network

2) 3.00% 3,000,000 DBC — project team and partners (do not participate in the distribution)

3) 2.66%2,660,000 DBC — the rest of the bounty fund (do not participate in the distribution)

4) 71.26%71,257,390 DBC — for distribution among participants

100%100,000,000 DBC

Currently, we are during the transition process to Stellar blockchain — within a year Debitcoin will be on two blockchains: Ethereum and Stellar, in future everything will be transferred to Stellar.

Information on further development of the project you can get on here, also follow the news in our blog and social networks.

We wish you good luck! 👍

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