The official results of the election of admins and moderators, their renewed powers, as well as the creation of an arbitration court!

3 min readAug 23, 2021


Dear CENTUS participants and partners!

As a result of the second (final) stage of the General Election of CENTUS Admins and Moderators, the following results were obtained:

By a majority of votes, the project administrators have chosen:


By a majority of votes, the project moderators have chosen:


Due to the fact that the elections of candidates from several groups were unanimously declared invalid by the general decision of the Election Commission, it was decided to temporarily perform (until the next elections) the duties of administrators and moderators by the following participants:


In addition, the active admins continue to be the members who created and maintain their own groups:

as well as our bounty and payment admin @potokudachi

Powers of CENTUS admin and moderators

Administrators are the supreme body of CENTUS, which controls the work of their chats and provides the maximum possible support to community members as a whole, promotes the project at the level of chats and social networks, thereby showing their personal experience and an example for others!

Moderators work in chats, answering questions regarding the work of the CENTUS project.

Each administrator has the right to form his own structure of Consultants from among the participants who have experience in the work of the project. Consultants report exclusively to this administrator. The Administrator is personally responsible for the work of his Consultant (group of Consultants). Upon approval of the submitted nominations in the Administrator Support Team, the selected consultants will be paid an appropriate fee! The amount of remuneration is transferred to the administrator’s wallet, after which he independently pays for the work of his consultants based on the results of their activities.

Administrators need to provide a list of up to a maximum of five Consultants to their team for final approval.

Arbitration court

From the members of the election commission, as the body responsible for the elections, an “arbitration court” is formed, the main task of which is to resolve issues and disputes that have arisen between the administrators-moderators and members of the CENTUS community — members of the Telegram groups and social networks of the project.

For example, if the administrator-moderator for some reason blocked the participant, then the latter has the right to state his claim for these actions to the arbitration court. The arbitration court, after considering this claim, makes its decision and gives an official opinion, after which it must be enforced within 72 hours. The decision of the arbitral court is final and not subject to revision.

For all-round support of all project participants, the main administrator of the main Telegram of the CENTUS group — @qtpan is introduced to the arbitration court from the CENTUS project.

The number of members of the arbitral court is odd.

Composition of the arbitral court:


Rewarding for the team of admins, moderators and members of the arbitral court

Every month, all administrators and moderators (except for temporary ones), as well as members of the arbitral court, receive a reward for the work done in the amount of 10,000 STABLECENT and higher, depending on the degree of personal participation (work efficiency) in chats and social networks. This rewarding is paid to the salary wallets of the team members.

Rewarding for active election participants

Each participant who took part in the election of admin-moderators will receive a reward for a bounty address in the amount of 5,000 STABLECENT with subsequent withdrawal to a regular wallet in accordance with the bounty program.

Each “selected” administrator-moderator, as well as members of the election commission, will receive a reward of 50,000 STABLECENT to the bounty wallet.

Thanks to all the participants in the elections, CENTUS wishes you great success!!! 🤝👍