Telegraf.Money — July 10, 2017 starts the test distribution of the first 1,000,000 (one million) credit tokens

On July 10, the first batch of tokens in the amount of 10 million units is set up for a Test sale, which is 1% of the total issue. The offer of crypto currency will be available to users of the messenger and their partners. The minimum purchase amount of tokens will be $10, the maximum $100,000. The payment options will be accepted both through the payment cards integrated into the messenger and by popular electronic payment systems using the exchange partners and the crypto currencies BTC, DASH, LTC, ETH and EMC.

Participants who took part in the test-deposit receive a Plastic card Free of charge*, also for the first half year the bonus is the withdrawal of cash from the card and purchases without commission.

Distribution of DEBIT Coin tokens

As part of the test sale, the distribution of tokens will take place for a maximum of 29 days, starting July 10, 2017 from 12:00 GMT.
10.000.000 (ten million) tokens, representing 1% of the total emissions, will be distributed according to the schedule below:

  • 1.000.000 (one million) tokens are sold within 3 days, starting July 10 from 12:00 to GMT to July 13 11:59 GMT. The minimum value of the token is set at $0.10

The final cost is established by the results of the demand for tokens, but not less than the established minimum value.

At the end of each period mentioned above, a certain number of DEBIT Coin tokens will be distributed proportionally among all buyers, depending on the total amount of funds contributed (in USD on the day of allocation) made during these periods, as follows:


1. 100 DEBIT Coin tokens are available for sale during the period.

2. Alex contributes 20 dollars, and Maria during the period makes 5 dollars.

3. A total of 25 dollars were paid for 100 DEBIT Coin tokens for this period, 1 DEBIT Coin token will be distributed for every $0.25. So Alex gets 80 DEBIT Coin tokens, and Maria gets 20 DEBIT Coin tokens.

In the event that a consignment of coins is sold before the minimum set period, this lot is added the number of coins from the next batch to the lower value, until the deadline ends, and so on.

Based on the results of successful Test sales, it is planned to distribute monthly tokens among all interested users of Telegraf.Money for several tens of millions of units per month at a price close to $1 per token. The offer will be organized on the principle of auction with a fair distribution of coins among the most interested circle of participants.

More information will be published after the end of testing.

Each token buyer worth $500 will receive a Free DEBIT Coin Gold — a multi-currency wallet for storing up to 5 keys from the crypto currency Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Namecoin, Dash. The device reliably protects wallets of users from viruses, malware and locks.

Multi-proof DEBIT Coin Gold wallet is the safest wallet for your crypto currency. It provides you with the best protection, so anyone who is not even familiar with the market can encrypt a person, can reliably protect their crypto assets.

The DEBIT Coin Gold with any number of crypto currencies loaded into it can be transferred to any interested person as a cash.

What is DEBIT Coin

Token DEBIT Coin (DBC) is a decentralized crypto currency for performing any operations between community members, replenishing VISA/MC cards tied to the Telegraf.Money messenger, for issuing and receiving short-term loans on the block, creating smart deposits, accepting and sending payments Between users of the messenger.

The DEBIT Coin tokens are issued on the Ethereum blockchain contract. Tokens can be used for any purchases from VISA/MC cards, withdrawal of cash, international.

P2P messenger Telegraf.Money, issuing VISA/MasterCard cards, announced the release of DEBIT Coin’s internal crypto currency in the amount of 1,000,000,000 (one billion) crypto tokens on Ethereum blockchain. Released tokens are tied to the VISA/MC cards embedded in the messenger, so their holders can calculate crypto currency from their virtual or plastic cards. The conversion rate will be tied to the weighted average rate on the stock exchanges that trade the token. Thus, the owners of the tokens will be able to use them for purchases without cashing through the exchange. It’s a biggest release of tokens.

To earn DEBIT Coin it will be possible in the form of interest on decentralized loans and deposits from payment cards embedded in the instant messenger, crypto-currency mining, as well as on various services provided by community members.

In the nearest future messenger plans:

- Creation of an internal client multi-purse for storage and operations with crypto-currencies (Bitcoin, any altcoins and all ERC-20 tokens);

- Launching its own messenger-exchange, where participants can buy and sell crypto-currencies inside the platform, and also change them to fiat and electronic money;

- Integration of the exchanger on the Shape Shift platform;

- Task-organizer for convenient planning of all your affairs with reminders;

- Encrypted text and audio messages, audio and video calls, group conferences.

- Using Telegraf.Money it will be possible to communicate, transfer money and make financial transactions with subscribers of other instant messengers: Skype, Facebook Messenger, Telegram. The connecting link here is the released DEBIT Coin token and built-in VISA/MasterCard.

Telegraf.Money messenger is available on Android/iOS/Windows/MAC devices, also in the Web version.

*Card delivery is paid separately



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