SUPER-Quiz from Kestutis (CENTUS admin)!

Time of Quiz: 10.06.21–13.06.21 (00:00 UTC time inclusive)*.

No candidates, no lists: just place your BET and WIN!!!💰💰💰

You can place a BET for any participant of the CENTUS project you respect, up to a maximum of 5 people (5 bets), except for the current admins-moders and the founders of CENTUS support groups, as well as members of the Election Commission:




Who do you think will become an admin/moderator?


Try to guess the maximum number of votes they can potentially get and after wait for the voting results.

For example you see that 2 participants have become your “admins” (YOU WIN 2 BETS).

YOUR PRIZE: 2 points so far!

PRIZES (for those who guess)

1 admin/mod. — 1 point
2 admin/modern. — 2 points
3 admin/mod. — 3 points
5 admin/modern. — 4 points

You will find out how many STABLECENT tokens you will receive after the Quiz results are announced.

Replies are accepted only in chat @centus_saWas

Please send in the format:

My contact: @contact
My candidates (bids):

*To participate in the vote, you must be a CENTUS member and be a member of the main Telegram chat!

**Telegram accounts are indicated for example, please do not write to them)