STELLAR: Distribution of 71 million Debit Coin among participants

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On August 13, 2018 it was announced in the news about burning of 900 million DBC of a total emission of previously issued 1 billion DBC and the distribution of the remaining 71,257,390 coins among all holders on May 1 in block # 5534863.

How coins will be distributed?

71,257,390 coins designed for additional distribution will be offered for transfer to existing Ethereum wallets, as well as to STELLAR wallets as chosen by participants. Debitcoin owners can choose any of these platforms and get coins where it is convenient. After choosing a platform and filling out the necessary information (KYC), the process of distribution of additional coins will begin.


We closely follow the trends of the blockchain market and seek to offer the best to our users. The congestion and slow work of the Ethereum system forced us to look for alternatives that work in real time. After a thorough study of the market, we have chosen STELLAR, a platform created for integration of banks, payment systems and people.

Stellar Blockchain is attractive to everyone:

Low commissions (a $0.01 fee handles ~600,000 transactions);
The absence of commissions in exchange trading;
Fast transaction processing (2–5 seconds).

In 2018, the Stellar outpaced new and existing market players in terms of growth rates. In terms of the number of ICOs held, it ranked second after Ethereum. At the same time, the cost of the “ETH” this year has significantly decreased: from USD 1,400 in January to USD 200 in early October 2018. Also, the IT giant IBM in late August 2018 announced the launch of the international payment system Blockchain World Wire. This system is based on Stellar and can compete with the traditional SWIFT payment system.

IBM leadership in the financial industry:

97% of the world’s largest banks are IBM clients
90% of global credit card transactions are processed on IBM mainframes

The technological giant of the market and many others have chosen Stellar not accidentally. Many companies have already rated high the convenience and high speed of work on this platform. Low tariffs help to save significantly when making deals.

Information on transfer at Stellar, as well as detailed instructions will be published after processing all applications and integrating the DBC into it.

All Debitcoin holders who purchased at auctions in February-March 2017, as well as those who participated in the summer test sales, will also need to pass KYC after which the coins will be credited to Ethereum wallets.

We will publish the data filling page in the near future.

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