STABLECENT to CENTUS 3.0 exchange

3 min readMar 6, 2022


From the moment the news is released, the exchange of STABLECENT to CENTUS begins.

First of all, STABLECENT secured by WARRANT tokens accrued on purchase, and STABLECENT stored on the bounty addresses will be exchanged.

Exchange procedure will be conducted as follows:

1. STABLECENT secured by WARRANT tokens accrued on purchase are exchanged to CENTUS to the special multisig wallets with gradual unfreezing based on actual CENTUS sales. The seigniorage on these CENTUS will be accrued at a full seigniorage rate.
The timing and schedule for the unfreezing will be announced after selling the first 100 million CENTUS, including those soon to be issued on Binance (BNB Chain).

a) To exchange, you have to send STABLECENT and WARRANT tokens in equal amounts to the address

b) After sending, you must add the signatures


to the wallet in which the new CENTUS will be held, and specify this wallet in the New CENTUS field in your profile on .

c) The accumulated STABLECENT seigniorage must be sent to the same address GCML5PV7VISAJOM3K3YS25PTETL2NY7PAAAREDKY62WWP4XFTNGBJRL6 with memo Seigniorage.
New CENTUS for seigniorage will be credited to the security deposit addresses.

2. STABLECENT from bounty addresses should be sent to GCML5PV7VISAJOM3K3YS25PTETL2NY7PAAAREDKY62WWP4XFTNGBJRL6 with the memo Bounty. The new CENTUS will be credited to the same participants’ bounty addresses.

Exchange period is set to 1 month. For any questions, please contact CENTUS support at

3. Terms of exchanging STABLECENT held on security deposit addresses will be announced after the STABLECENT exchange from regular and bounty accounts is completed.
These terms will be determined by a vote of individual holders and pools of DBC tokens.

4. All STABLECENT purchased on Stellar DEX after 09/01/2021 or otherwise received and not secured by WARRANT tokens accrued on purchase will be exchanged to CENTUS with a reduction factor to be announced after the STABLECENT exchange from guarantee deposit addresses completes.

5. As announced, special CENTUS NFT tokens will be issued this week for the first 100 new CENTUS owners that will be transferred to the security deposit addresses for not less than 3 months, after which owners will be able to withdraw 10% each month to their regular wallets with an option to sell at a price of at least $0.01.
CENTUS NFT holders will also receive seigniorage to their regular wallets for the time they are holding them.

CENTUS NFT with perpetual seigniorage basic income.
1 CENTUS NFT ≥ $0.01

CENTUS NFT is an analogue of registered bonds with perpetual seigniorage basic income. CENTUS NFT cannot be clawed back and is not convertible to BILLEX, its holders always receive seigniorage in CENTUS tokens. The price of CENTUS NFT cannot be lower than $0.01, it can always be exchanged to 100 CENTUS or more depending on the market demand.

6. Old CENTUS not converted to BILLEX will be exchanged to new CENTUS to security deposit addresses with a reduction factor after all existing BILLEX are redeemed.

*IMPORTANT: When sending, the number of STABLECENT tokens must exactly match the number of WARRANT tokens received when purchasing them. If more STABLECENT tokens are sent, they will not be returned or exchanged as they will be burned.
WARRANT tokens purchased from an exchange cannot serve as collateral for exchanging STABLECENT for CENTUS. STABLECENT sent along with such tokens are also burned without exchange or refund.

We wish, to all GOOD LUCK and a Peaceful Sky above the heads!!!✌️☀️