STABLECENT (basic token)

From the moment the news is published, a new Stable Cent token (basic token) is being issued for the period of the CENTUS price stabilization.

Asset code: STABLECENT

Friendly name: CENTUS Stable Cent

Total supply: 100,000,000


Home domain:


STABLECENT holders receive a seigniorage at the rate of 0.52% and the basic income at the rate of 2% every Tuesday and Friday.

Seigniorage is paid in STABLECENT tokens, basic income is paid in BINCOME tokens. In the future, the seigniorage rate will be tied to the actual purchase amount of the basic token.

All current terms and conditions related to CENTUS, such as bonuses, affiliate programs, as well as others, apply to Stable Cent.

After CENTUS price stabilization is reached, Stable Cent tokens can be converted to CENTUS tokens at a rate of 1:1.

You can always buy and sell STABLECENT without any problem on the website

Please do not forget to open a trustline for the STABLECENT token.

Good luck to all CENTUS participants!