Seigniorage DBC Pool: The entry amount is lower, the stakes are higher!

According to the NEWS the First DBC pool was launched.

On 01/17/2022, another pool started — “Seigniorage DBC pool” with a lower entry price and a higher stakes for participants.

You can join the Seigniorage DBC pool and start earning weekly reward (seigniorage) in CENTUS tokens.

Conditions and tariffs of Seigniorage DBC pool:

The amount of reward for voting is 0.5% of CENTUS tokens weekly from the locked amount of DBC.

Based on the average price of 1 DBC as of January 15 Stellar at DEX — 0.001 XLM or $0.00026 (1 XLM = $0.26), the total value of 10 million DBC is $2,600, and the amount of seigniorage is $2,015 (201,505 CENTUS).

The real return on investment at this price is 77%.

from 50k to 1 million DBC — 55/45%
from 1 to 3 million DBC — 50/50%
from 3 to 5 million DBC — 45/55%
from 5 million DBC and above — 40/60%

If you give your vote to the pool admin, your reward increases to the next level, i.e:

from 50k to 1 million DBC — 50/50%
from 1 to 3 million DBC — 45/55%
from 3 to 5 million DBC — 40/60%
from 5 to DBC and above — 35/65%

To participate in the pool, fill out the form HERE.

You can join the pool after sending your DBC to Stellar address GAV3DJYOBDOTISRF6TG4EHPIMIUTL3O2JZ3HV73GSMSYSV626MD3XS3F
Be sure to specify your Telegram nickname in the Memo.

After sending DBC, you need to join Seigniorage DBC pool Telegram chat.
Our admin will verify that you sent DBC with your Telegram nickname and create an account for you in the pool.

All information about the pool: amount, your share, etc. you can see HERE.

We remind you that anyone can create their own DBC pool, providing their participants with competitive conditions, for this you need to have only 1,000,000 DBC to form the starting capital of the pool.

By creating a pool, you help your participants to receive high income and earn money yourself!



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