Return of debited CENTUS (Clawback transaction)

2 min readJun 1, 2022


Dear CENTUS participants,

Yesterday, May 30, there was a quick Clawback from participants’ regular Stellar wallets to restore CENTUS token price to a $0.01 peg after a large number of tokens were stolen from several wallets and selling them massively on Stellar DEX.
The price was then immediately restored to the target level.
You can read more about CENTUS Clawback at

In the near future, all participants who bought CENTUS before May 28 at the peg price will receive their tokens back to the same addresses from which they were debited.
A small number of participants who bought CENTUS during the period of high volatility on May 29–30 at a discount will receive special short-term BILLEX with maturities in 3 months from the date of their receipt. Repayment at face value can be carried out gradually over 6 months, depending on the size of the discount.
Alternatively, they, like everyone else, can also receive CENTUS for the actual purchase amount, taking into account the discount.
To do this, you will need to send your Stellar address from which the purchase was made and links to purchase transactions to

Also, in connection with the possible copromentation of private keys from multisig wallets, CENTUS was debited from bounty, security deposits and other multisig wallets.
After the verification, it was decided to change multisig addresses only for security deposits and bounty wallets.

All participants with such wallets are requested to remove the old signatures and change them to new ones:

Old bounty:

New bounty:

Old security deposits:

New security deposits:

The deadline for changing signatures is 14 days from the date of the news release.

All other signatures, including Bounty deposits, remain the same, except for all deposit wallets — signatures can be removed from them completely.

Removing old multisig addresses and adding new ones is most conveniently done through the Interstellar wallet.

The return of CENTUS will begin in the near future, taking into account the change of signatures described above, seigniorage continues to be accrued on the debit amount, and everyone will also receive an additional BONUS!

Sincerely, CENTUS!🤝