Results of the PROMOTION: Buy CENTUS and get iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, Apple Watch Series 5, Apple AirPods, and 10,000 CENTUS!

Under the terms of the promotion, purchases made from May 1 to August 1 were counted.

The winners of all rounds were determined using a random number generator on the independent service

The main prize iPhone 11 Pro was drawn randomly from the top 10 participants who bought the largest amount of CENTUS during the promotion period. The winner of this promotion is the participant with Stellar wallet GDS7NKC2OCNHKWACB5DIIXONOGWZGKQZA2HMKZNSOW5LUPIQYUHQWPVL (ID 34656) .

Grand prize: iPhone 11 Pro

Apple Watch Series 5 goes to the user with Stellar address GA6CIJ7ZMKYS3RBCZQPALJTPC3JJIGNJTLMPDGECAVXBCGNKI643FEET (ID 61584).

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple AirPods were won by the user with the stellar address GB6ZDGJXRARW5ZT2HFBVCGWWOI4RPOPAWJNIGKPFSCDRQKTTOAMO24VA (ID 33728).

Apple AirPods

10,000 CENTUS to a bonus demand deposit will be transferred to the user wih stellar address GBBDN542VDZWHAB4MLAWK2SZKOZCLYFMT4BW6KNVBKHXXFJOB6AAYUZP (ID 13066).

10,000 CENTUS

All winners of this promotion must email at to discuss the delivery address.

More info about the Promo…

Good Luck!✌️💰💰💰




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