RESULTS OF PROMO CONTEST “Invite your Telegram friends to CENTUS chat and get over 300 USD”.

The main condition of this Promo was that the friends your invited shouldn’t leave the chat during a month.

According to the results of our Promo, MAIN PRIZES goes to the following participants who invited the largest number of friends:

  1. 300 USD @infositecomru: 213 invited / 66 active

2. 200 USD @Invest Coins: 50 invited / 23 active

3. 100 USD @extraingresos: 108 invited / 21 active

The following participants will receive 1 USD for each invited friend.

Everyone who was invited and didn’t leave the chat during a month will receive 3 USD to their Stellar deposit address.

For we could accrue CENTUS to your junior partners, we ask all winners to collect the Stellar multisig addresses of their invited friends and drop them to the CENTUS chat with the hashtag #Telegram300.

All prizes are paid in CENTUS and placed in demand deposits with increased seigniorage rate with a condition that our winners can withdraw 10% of the amount on monthly basis.

Soon we will launch a new Promo with the following conditions:

1. 800 USD worth of CENTUS for Top 1–10 referrer

2. 600 USD worth of CENTUS for Top 10–30 referrer

3. 400 USD worth of CENTUS for Top 30–50 referrer

4. Also we will distribute 200 USD worth of CENTUS among random 50 participants.

Details in the upcoming news.

Good luck to all ✌️




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