Result of the contest: “Record a video about CENTUS and get up to 10 000 BONUS = 100 USD or even more”!

The voting has been completed and result has been summed up.

Under the vote summary, the following result was obtained:

Total amount of participants: 81 videos, the following of them have been voted for:

1–3 votes
6–1 vote
8–1 vote
10–2 votes
15–1 vote
16–7 votes
17–1 vote
19–1 vote
50–1 vote
61–1 vote
70–99 votes (not counted)
72–3 votes

Voting results

Additionally, to select the winners, the following measures has been considered:
Maximum number of followers
Maximum number of likes
Maximum number of comments

The final results and winners are:

The Grand Prize of 10 000 BONUS = 100 USD for the best video is going to the video number 27 (Coin Gratis):

Coin Gratis

Authors of the three following videos are getting the 5 000 BONUS = 50 USD

Video number 5 (Infosite — только лучшие сайты):

Infosite — только лучшие сайты

Video number 34 (InverTec):


Video number 49 (Trick BD):

Trick BD

Moreover, the authors of the following non-competition videos will receive 3 000 BONUS = 30 USD each:

Video number 1 (Javier Alvarez):

Javier Alvarez

Video number 3 (TECH TODAY PRO):


Video number 6 (Infosite — только лучшие сайты):

Infosite — только лучшие сайты

Video number 16 (KNK online income tips):

KNK online income tips

Video number 71 (ALEX WORK-Заработок и инвестиции в интернете):

ALEX WORK-Заработок и инвестиции в интернете

Video number 72 (AirDrop InFormer):

AirDrop InFormer

Video number 78 (Airdrop inside):

Airdrop inside

The rest of the participants, who have sent video, will get 2 000 BONUS = 20 USD, which could be exchanged into CENTUS.

These BONUS tokens could be exchanged into CENTUS under the rate 1:1 to the demand deposit multisig address with the withdrawal option of 10% monthly

The winners are being asked to create the deposit addresses and send them to the group chat with the hashtag #VIDEODEPOSIT with the email in

Thank you all for the activity and participation!✌💰💰💰