Redemption of BILLEX discount auction from 06.05.2021–08.05.2021

2 min readJun 22, 2022


Dear CENTUS participants — BILLEX holders,

From the moment the news is published, the redemption of BILLEX received as a result of the conversion of CENTUS at the discount auction of May 6–8, 2021 begins.
New CENTUS will be credited to Stellar addresses that you specify in the special FORM.

To receive new CENTUS, it is necessary to fill out this form before 10.07.2022 and be sure to fill in the links to the transactions for receiving BILLEX as a result of the CENTUS exchange.
We specifically added 10 fields for links, taking into account that you could make exchanges from different Stellar addresses.

After completing the form, you must send the BILLEX amount from the auction to the Stellar address

CENTUS for redeemed BILLEX will be accrued to the security deposit addresses of participants with new signatures according to the news of June 1, 2022.

New multisig signatures for security deposit addresses:

In this queue, only BILLEX received at the auction from May 6–8, 2021 are subject to redemption. The redemption of other BILLEX will be announced later.

Participants who have not yet redeemed, for some reason, the remaining BILLEX from the auction from March 23–25, 2021, must contact to redeem them.
If you have any questions, please contact the CENTUS admins in your Telegram groups.

Best regards, CENTUS/BILLEX Team🤝