QADSAN token-shares to all CENTUS and CENTUSX holders!

3 min readJun 29, 2022



Our partner, the QADSAN market game, will distribute token-shares of virtual companies 1–7 among all CENTUS and CENTUSX holders for FREE.

To receive token-shares, you must:

1. Have at least 100 CENTUS or 100,000 CENTUSX on your Stellar address;

2. Like and subscribe to QADSAN social networks, Medium, join the Telegram group and subscribe to the official Telegram channel;

3. Open an account in QADSAN and indicate your Stellar wallet address in your profile.

After completing all the necessary steps, you will receive:

  • for every 100 CENTUS — 50,000 token-shares (1:500)
  • for every 1,000,000 CENTUSX — 500,000 token-shares (2:1)

Also, each CENTUS holder on multisig addresses will receive token-shares with a 1:1 ratio with a withdrawal to their regular addresses.
That is, if you have 100,000 CENTUS on your multisig address, you will receive a total of 700,000 token-shares of virtual companies 1–7.

A snapshot of the blockchain will be taken on 15.07.2022.

Token shares will be credited through the Claimable balance function with demand within 24 months in equal amounts.

MANDATORY CONDITION: CENTUS and CENTUSX tokens must be stored in your wallet for at least 3 months from the moment of the blockchain snapshot. If they are sold before this period, you will not be able to claim the accrued token-shares in the future.

All 7 token-shares can be claimed monthly for each participant’s wallet participating in the distribution.

Claim period 1 month. All unclaimed token-shares will go to the KOOBECAF virtual company token-share collateral fund.

Distribution will begin no later than 30.07.2022, we will announce the exact start date shortly after the blockchain snapshot is created.

In which wallet is it most convenient for me to receive token-shares?

You can use any Stellar wallet that supports the Claimable Balances feature, such as Stellarterm, StellarX or LOBSTR, however, for a more comfortable receipt of token-shares, we recommend using a QADSAN wallet.


How many token-shares will I get if I have 10,000 CENTUS and 10,000,000 CENTUSX on a regular wallet and what is my future profit?

TOTAL you will receive for your CENTUS and CENTUSX:
$273 + $273 = $546.

  • for 10,000 CENTUS you will receive 5,000,000 token-shares of virtual companies 1–7, for a total of 35,000,000 token-shares.
  • for 10,000,000 CENTUSX you will receive 5,000,000 token-shares of virtual companies 1–7, for a total of 35,000,000 token-shares.

As of 29.06.2022:

  • 10,000 CENTUS cost approx. $100;
  • 10,000,000 CENTUSX cost approx. $70;
  • 35,000,000 token-shares 1–7 cost approx. $273:

5,000,000 ELGOOG = $37
5,000,000 LAPYAP = $11
5,000,000 EKIN = $46
5,000,000 TFOSORCIM = $59
5,000,000 ISPEP = $32
5,000,000 ASIV = $35
5,000,000 MARGELET = $53

The more CENTUS and CENTUSX tokens you have in your wallet, the more token-shares you will receive!

Taking into account that the QADSAN market game is only at the very beginning of its development, your token-shares can rise in price by tens, hundreds or maybe even thousands of times — you can always see the growth dynamics of token-shares on the QADSAN website.*

CENTUS Wishes Everyone Good Luck!✌️👍

*Not an investment recommendation, remember this is a game!