PROMO: Buy Stable Cent and get up to 300% DBC tokens (with additions)

From the moment the news was released, when buying Stable Cent with Crypto on, in addition to bonuses, you also receive DBC tokens in the following quantities:

- 10,000–50,000 Stable Cent you will receive 100% in DBC tokens
- 51,000–150,000 Stable Cent you will receive 150% in DBC tokens
- 151,000–300,000 Stable Cent you will receive 200% in DBC tokens
- 301,000–500,000 Stable Cent you will receive 250% in DBC tokens
- 501,000 Stable Cent and above you will receive 300% in DBC tokens

To your DBC tokens, you will receive seigniorage, which as of 04/20/2021 amounted to 0.3092% per token, so your total seigniorage (Stable Cent + DBC) will not be 0.52%, but from 0.83 to 1.45 % depending on the purchase amount.
Total, taking into account the basic income, you will receive from 2.83 to 3.45%.

DBС tokens for Stable Cent purchases are accrued to the participants’ bounty address and can be withdrawn after 3 months.
The accrued seigniorage can be withdrawn at any time.

You can also exchange your DBC tokens for Stable Cent 3 months after the end of the promotion.

The validity of the promo is limited, the end date of the promo will be announced later.

Buy Stable Cent and get up to 300% DBC tokens




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