Payment of BONUS seigniorage for 2nd line partners

USD Billex

In connection with the preparation of the website migration to a new platform, the accrual of Invite BONUS for 2nd to 5th lines partners is suspended once this news is published. Invite BONUS for the 1st line partners of 50 USD accrual continues as usual.

In the near future we will start paying bonus seigniorage on already accrued bonuses for 2nd line partners. These payments will be paid not in BONUS, but straight in USD tokens to the seignior partner’s Stellar multisig wallet on Tuesdays and Fridays as usual, after checking the accounts of junior partners.

Payout size is 1% of the bonus amount of 10 USD (i.e. 0.1 USD). You will receive 4 accruals totalling 0.4 USD for each 2nd line partner.

To get a bonus seigniorage, you need to open a trustline for the USD ( asset.

The USD for the 2nd line partners will be available for withdrawal immediately upon receiving the payment. You can sell them on Stellar DEX or withdraw to any payment system convenient for you via the exchanger without a commission.

If you decide not to withdraw your USD, but hold them on your Stellar account, then you will be credited with 0.3% per day in CENTUS tokens to your stellar wallet daily as a bonus for holding USD. Additionally, you will receive a reward of 1 CENTUS minimum for each transaction in USD you make.

If your 2nd line junior partners have not yet activated their Stellar wallets, you need to remind them of the urgent need to activate their wallets and add the trustlines, because after the planned accruals there will be no more payments on the previously accrued 2nd line bonuses. You will be able to check their wallets status right from your dashboard soon.

After completing the planned 2nd line accruals, the 3rd and other lines accruals will be conducted. The accrual process will continue until we totally pay interest on all previously accrued bonuses. Bonuses for partners who did not enter their wallets in their profiles or did enter not activated wallets will be canceled and debited from the balance of your personal account.

Detailed information on paying BONUS seigniorage on the new platform will be published later. Stay tuned.