New Update: CENTUS+ Staking for Increased Profitability and Volatility Management

3 min readDec 6, 2023

We are pleased to announce a significant step in promoting long-term holding and managing the volatility of high-yield CENTUS+ tokens. With this announcement, a new staking mechanism for CENTUS+ tokens is being introduced.

Features of the CENTUS+ Staking Program:

1. Staking and Increased Earnings:

CENTUS+ token holders can increase their earnings by staking tokens to their multisig addresses in the Polygon network via the SAFE wallet. To initiate staking on your wallet, two signatures are required: one is your personal signature, and the second is one of the following, depending on the chosen staking period.

Choose the appropriate staking period and add the corresponding address to your SAFE wallet as the second signature:

- 30 days + 30% on top of the seigniorage and basic income rate:

- 90 days + 40% on top of the seigniorage and basic income rate:
: 0x60A7a79fB3e3658f2Ae97dF4031A67B711Bb8924

- 180 days + 50% on top of the seigniorage and basic income rate:
: 0x1195804F53541CBd11eA7A4ebdf6106C5E47025F

- 365 days + 100% on top of the seigniorage and basic income rate:
: 0xb796dDF4B7F211147983Caa6B41be6a1EDaE4550

Send the desired amount of CENTUS+ to the multisig wallet that you have created. Then, on the website, in your personal account, submit an application for CENTUS+ Staking, filling in the required details in the form.

Once the CENTUS+ are credited to the specified multisig address and your staking application is processed, you will start receiving an increased seigniorage and basic income.

2. Flexibility in Early Unstaking:

- You can end the staking prematurely at any time. In case of early completion, you will return all the received seigniorage and basic income, keeping 100% of the staked amount for yourself.

3. How to Conclude Staking:

- At the end of the staking period or if needed for early unstaking of CENTUS+, send the tokens back to your regular address or remove the second signature from the multisig setting in your SAFE wallet. Then, apply for unlocking in your personal account. The transaction will be signed and processed promptly.

4. Referral Program:

- You receive a referral bonus of up to 10% when your junior partner stakes CENTUS+. The bonus depends on the staking period of the junior partner and is credited to your security deposit address:

- 30 days: 3% bonus
- 90 days: 5% bonus
- 180 days: 7% bonus
- 365 days: 10% bonus

CENTUS+ bonus will be available for withdrawal proportional to the actual staking period as per our referral program.

For example, if your junior partner stakes CENTUS+ for a year but decides to terminate it after a month, you will be eligible for a 3% bonus, not 10%. Any excess bonus should be returned to the originating address.

In cases where staking is terminated in less than a month, the entire bonus received must be returned to the originating address.

For any queries regarding bonus withdrawals on early termination of staking, please contact our support service.

We also remind participants to update their profile on with their SAFE wallet security deposit address.

Furthermore, this staking initiative gives holders of locked CENTUS+ tokens a vote in token circulation matters, where 1 token equals 1 vote.

Stay invested, earn more, and influence the future of CENTUS+!

Warm regards, CENTUS🤝