New rate of Seigniorage basic income, increase of CENTUS affiliate program to 5 levels.

Dear CENTUS participants,

On January 10, 2022, a vote was held among DBC holders (from 10 million tokens) on the following issues:

1. Determination of the seigniorage basic income (seigniorage) rate for the period from 01/11/2022 to 02/11/2022 (one month);

2. The coefficient of the seigniorage rate accrued to the security deposit and bounty wallets;

3. Change of CENTUS affiliate program.

Stellar addresses took part in the voting with a total of 135,851,512 DBC tokens.

1. To establish the seigniorage rate at 1.25% for one period *

Voting results:
83% — FOR

2. To establish the percentage for accruing security deposits and bounty wallets to wallets at 0.15% of the wallet balance.

Voting results:
100% — FOR

3. Increase the number of levels of CENTUS affiliate program to 5 partners deep into the network, instead of the existing 2 levels and establish the distribution of payments in the following amount:

1st level — 27%
2nd level — 18%
3rd level — 9%
4th level — 5%
5th level — 1%

Voting results:
100% — FOR

As a result of the voting, a positive decision was made on all three issues.

Good Luck Everyone!

*1.25% for one period is 10.45% per month or 263.95% per annum, taking into account compound interest.

Considering the rate of 1.25% for 1 period after 1 year (104 periods), when buying 10,000 CENTUS for $100, your balance will be 36,395 CENTUS or $ 363.95.
At the end of this period, the seigniorage amount will be $ 4.55 per period or 4.55% of the original amount.




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