New issue of DBC tokens and their distribution among participants

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Upon the request of Debit coin (DBC) holders, we put to vote a proposal on a new issue of DBC tokens in the amount of 900 million units and their distribution among existing and future holders in the following proportion:

50% among existing DBC owners in proportion to the ownership ratio

30% among interested investors directly or through Stellar DEX

10% among new participants via airdrop

10% among current and future CENTUS partners.

All newly released DBCs, except for 30%, will be credited to the participants’ bounty multisig accounts and will be gradually released for free circulation once CENTUS capitalization reaches the following levels:

  • 10% after the capitalization reaches 1 million USD
  • 20% after the capitalization reaches 2 million USD
  • 30% after the capitalization reaches 3 million USD
  • 40% after the capitalization reaches 4 million USD

Total 100%

When these conditions are met, DBCs can be sold on the exchange or exchanged for CENTUS at the market rate, but not more than 500 CENTUS for 1 DBC.

The purpose of the issue: To increase the number of participants holding DBC and interested in the project development.

Each CENTUS holder will also be credited with a certain number of DBCs in the amount equal to doubled CENTUS amount their hold (except for CENTUS stored on the bounty multisig addresses).

For this purpose, DBC will be taken from the airdrop amount.

Please use the following link for voting:

To confirm the participation in the vote, please transfer 0.01 xlm from the address you hold your DBC to the address GBPBD5DSBNTALYVPZ2YIPHMGRJSSQ2DM5XHVJ6M55K4GW7QZ7TMFLBAR
Your vote will not be counted without confirmation!

The end of the vote is scheduled for the July 10, 2020.

The procedure for the new release of DBC tokens is as follows:

1. Participants put to consideration a proposal for an additional tokens issue.

2. The decision on the tokens issue is approved by a general vote among the DBC holders.

3. The decision on the issue of tokens is approved.

4. On the Stellar blockchain, 900 million tokens are issued.

5. The DBC tokens are distributed among existing DBC holders, as well as CENTUS holders.

After the additional issue, the total number of tokens will be 1 billion DBC.

P.S. Participants who used several accounts during the first Airdrop will not participate in the distribution.

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