Migrating CENTUS tokens to Polygon

2 min readMay 9


Important news for CENTUS token holders: all CENTUS tokens are migrating from the Stellar network to the Polygon network, including those held in bounty wallets and guarantee deposit wallets.

CENTUS tokens held in regular Stellar addresses will be exchanged for regular Polygon addresses, while all other tokens held in Stellar multisig addresses will be transferred to Polygon multisig addresses in the secure Safe Wallet.

Safe Wallet

For bounty program participants, it is necessary to create a Safe Wallet multisig wallet before the exchange and add the following two signatures:



For all other wallets, including guarantee deposits and any other multisig addresses, it is necessary to add different signatures before the exchange:



After creating a multi-signature Safe Wallet, send your CENTUS tokens to the issuance address GCBSY6IJHRG4APD7EYZSULW62U3G2YLIVB3ZEPUO5KYAI7HVEOYFIBRI, after which fill out a special form on the page bit.ly/3HSZGim, specifying your Stellar wallet from which you sent CENTUS for burning, your multi-signature Safe Wallet, and the exchange amount.

This information is required to participate in the token migration process and successfully transition from Stellar to Polygon, and subsequently to BNB Chain (Binance).

The deadline for exchanging CENTUS tokens is up to 3 months from the date of the announcement.

Seigniorage will be credited to CENTUS held in the Safe Wallet. The seigniorage rate will be announced later after the voting of the holders and DBC pools.

Please carefully follow the project news and instructions for timely and correct token migration.

Sequence of exchange:

WARRANT wallet

📍 signatories:

Security deposit wallet

📍 signatories:

Bounty wallet

📍 signatories:

Auction wallet

📍 signatories:

CENTUS holders on regular wallets are requested to send their Stellar addresses, the number of tokens, and the Polygon address to the email: support@centus.one

CENTUS Wishes Everyone Good Luck!

P.S. The date of exchange for DBC, BINC, and BINCOME tokens will be announced later.