Inflation-Protected Stable Cent (CENTUS). Buy an upgraded CENTUS 3.0 and get seigniorage twice a week and MORE!

2 min readJan 20, 2022


Inflation-Protected Stable Cent (CENTUS) is an inflation-indexed Stablecoin which issue depends on CENTUS purchases volume and regular payments of seigniorage basic income to holders.

CENTUS 3.0 is guaranteed never to fall below the peg price!

When you buy an upgraded CENTUS 3.0, you get:

1. Seigniorage basic income (seigniorage) of 1.25% every Tuesday & Friday. For a full month, you earn 10.45% compounded interest.*

2. A bonus of up to 5% of your purchase amount.

3. Inflation protection — CENTUS indexes your token value each month based on inflation and gives all CENTUS holders an additional refund.
From December 2020 to December 2021, consumer prices for all items rose 7.0%.**

Total with 1 month bonus, you get up to 15.45% + inflation compensation.

And that’s not all!

4. You will also receive DBC tokens equal to 100% of CENTUS on your Stellar multisig address. You can use DBC to earn seigniorage by investing it in one of the DBC pools.***

5. You will receive CENTUS NFT tokens equal to 10% of the purchase amount to the Bounty Wallet, as well as CENTUS NFT tokens equal to 0.5% of the DBC received, if you invest them in one of the DBC pools.****

Referral bonuses:

  1. You will receive a $50 bonus and your partner will receive $100 when they join CENTUS through your link.
  2. You get bonuses for every CENTUS purchase made by your partners (min. 1000 CENTUS):

5% 1st level

1% — 2nd level

3. You get a share of your partners’ seigniorage if they buy at least 5,000 CENTUS :

27% — 1st level;

18% — 2nd level;

9% — 3rd level;

5% — 4th level;

1% — 5th level.

Total — 60%

Buy CENTUS 3.0 and get Seigniorage Basic Income and MORE!

*The seigniorage rate is set monthly by the CENTUS community — DBC token holders.

**Inflation is measured using the United States Consumer Price Index, CPI.

***To receive DBC secured by CENTUS, you need to add the following signatures to your Stellar address and report to

A 20% commission will automatically be charged on your seigniorage.

****You must keep DBC in the pool for at least 12 months.