Important Updates in CENTUS Partner Commissions Starting December 1st

2 min readNov 29, 2023

Dear CENTUS Participants,

We are pleased to announce upcoming changes in the partner commission system, effective from December 1st. These changes are aimed at optimizing the commission processes and enhancing their efficiency. Overall, the partnership program retains its core elements, such as the five levels of partner lines and commission percentages, but important changes have been made due to CENTUS’s transition to an anti-inflationary model.

Main Changes:

1. Partner commissions for the Basic Income of junior partners, received in BINCOME and BINC tokens, will now be carried out once a month. This simplifies the calculation system and makes it more convenient for all participants.

2. Senior partners will receive their commissions in BINCOME and BINC tokens, calculated as a percentage of the actual basic income received by junior partners. This ensures the transparency of the commission system.

3. It is important that all senior and junior CENTUS partners add their respective Polygon addresses in their profile on the website. This will ensure uninterrupted and accurate payments.

4. Senior partners will receive payments for Basic Income commissions in BINCOME for the period starting November 1, 2023, and for the daily Additional Basic Income in BINC tokens starting January 1, 2024, for the previous December.

CENTUS+ Affiliate:

Commissions for seigniorage and basic income earned by CENTUS+ holders are not conducted. Senior partners receive a referral bonus in the form of BONUS tokens, amounting to 5% of the purchase sum of the junior partner. The bonus can be requested on the CENTUS and CENTUS+ token purchase page.
The bonus can be exchanged for CENTUS+ one month after the junior partner’s purchase of CENTUS+, provided that they have not sold the tokens during this month. For more details on CENTUS+ bonuses, visit

We ask all participants to carefully review the innovations and take the necessary measures to comply with the updated requirements.

IMPORTANT: If your profile does not have a Polygon address, commissions for junior partners will only be available after adding the address to your profile. All commissions missed due to the absence of an address in the profile at the time of accrual will not be restored.

More information about the CENTUS AFFILIATE PROGRAM can be found at

Thank you for your participation in CENTUS!❤️🤝