Important Update: Changes in the CENTUS Mechanism to Support Its Stable Value

1 min readOct 18, 2023

Dear CENTUS Participants,

We are pleased to announce a key change in the CENTUS token mechanism. Previously, to maintain the stable value of CENTUS on the Stellar platform, tokens were automatically withdrawn from participants’ wallets using the Clawback function. However, thanks to significant changes in the seigniorage and basic income accrual model, this is no longer required. All main accruals are now made in BINCOME and BINC tokens, which have their own value and do not affect the CENTUS supply.

The modern model renders the CENTUS token non-inflationary, allowing us to discontinue the practice of withdrawing tokens to maintain their stable value. This means that your CENTUS balance will remain unchanged, and you can continue to receive seigniorage and basic income uninterrupted.

Alongside this, we are announcing the discontinuation of monthly inflation compensation accruals in CENTUS tokens. This function will now be performed by daily bonus seigniorage accruals in CENTUS, the rate of which will be tied to U.S. dollar inflation.

This is a significant step forward for the entire CENTUS community. We are confident that these changes will make your experience with CENTUS even more profitable, reliable, and convenient.

Best regards,
The CENTUS Team 🤝❤️