How to get a USD loan in the amount of 100% of your STABLECENT and get 0.15% daily + 2% extra monthly!

Take 100 USD — return 98 USD + 4.5%

If you have at least 5000 STABLECENT on your regular Stellar wallet you need:

1. Open a trustline for the USD asset at your deposit address.

2. Create a cloud deposit for your STABLECENT

3. In your account enter the tab “USD Credit

4. Scroll to the “GET USD NOW” button

5. Fill out the US Dollar Bill (USD) Issue Request, indicating the 100% issue amount and the amount of STABLECENT available in the appropriate fields.

6. Press the SUBMIT button

7. In a new window, confirm the issue of USD

8. After checking the created STABLECENT deposit, expect the receipt of USD to your wallet.

Every day, your Stellar address will receive 0.15% of the USD amount or + 4.5% + 2% (negative monthly rate to your deposit) = 6.5%

You will also receive DEPO tokens in the amount of 100% of the loan amount for which you will receive 2% daily.

A loan with a negative interest rate is issued for a period of up to 30 days.
After 30 days, you need to return the USD loan to the same Stellar address where the transfer came from: GB5MLTQGJ2DV3D4CYVMLUZIB4HSN57XIWOKHXU6Y4FPSHNWQOFYGETNK
You can issue a loan return on the same page in your account.

In case of delay in repayment of the loan, you will lose the negative rate of 2% — you will need to return the full amount of the loan.

IMPORTANT: For the amount of your profit, you will also be credited with WARRANT tokens guaranteeing the sale of USD tokens after the loan is repaid at a rate of 1:1

Good luck to all!✌️