How does CENTUS invite program work?

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Invite BONUS

Inviting friends is key to the CENTUS revolution. The more people hold money with CENTUS Stable Cent and receive seigniorage, the better it is for everyone.

Earn when you invite friends

Every friend you invite to CENTUS will get a 100 USD Invite BONUS on which they can receive 4 bonus seigniorage (dividend) accruals.

The amount of bonus seigniorage for one accrual is 1% of the amount of BONUS or 1 US dollar and 4 US dollars in total. After receiving all the seigniorage accruals, BONUS is debited from your account.

We also will reward you for inviting your friends. You receive:

50 USD BONUS for the partner invited by yourself (your first line partner);
10 USD BONUS for the partner invited by your first line partner (your second line partner);
2 USD BONUS for the partner invited by your second line partner (your third line partner).

You can also get 4 times a bonus seigniorage in the amount of 1% for each accrual.

Every month, the accumulated bonus seignorages are converted into BONUS tokens, which you can exchange for CENTUS at the rate of at least 1 USD BONUS = 100 CENTUS = 1 USD or higher, depending on your activity and completed tasks. More details here.

How do I do to invite friends?

Inviting friends is easy. All they need to do is to follow your unique invite link and join CENTUS.

Remember, for your invites to be counted, your friends need to share their referral link on one of their social networks.

You may need to verify your identity before you can convert your bonus seigniorage to BONUS tokens.

You can earn your invite reward as many times as you wish — just invite more friends.

We reserve the right to restrict or fully forbid any user from access to the referral program and/or refuse their reward if we suspect violation of terms or notice any activity we determine as abusive (for example, inviting yourself, fictitious people, or already existing users) or causing damage to the CENTUS brand (for example, in connection with sexually explicit, discriminatory or illegal content).

We also reserve the right to modify the referral program terms at any time. By continuing to invite friends after the terms are changed, you acknowledge acceptance of new terms.

We sometimes conduct tests to try different conditions of user invite programs, and you could be a part of any of them. As such we reserve the right to amend, alter or change the terms of any referral program proposal at any time.

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