Following the steps of American Floyd Mayweather, Russian athlete showed interest in blockchain and crypto-currencies. Recently, world light heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev said that he invested the DEBIT CoinBlockchain project Telegraf.Money.

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Sergey Kovalev

Tokens DEBIT Coin is a crypto currency of financial messenger Telegraf.Money. Test token sale started in July 2017. In just 40 days, tokens sales reached almost $ 6 million. At the same time, founders of the project had to increase the number of tokens for sale in order to contain the sharp rise in prices.

Sergey Kovalev said that he observes with interest the development of Blockchain technology and monitors current trends. “It seems to me that Telegraf.Money financial messenger has excellent development prospects, and DEBIT Coin crypto currency shows good growth dynamics. When I learned about the release of a new crypto currency from the creators of this application, I decided that I would definitely invest money in it.” Sergey does not disclose the value of his investment.

Here’s Instagram post:

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Test sales of DEBIT Coin lasted from July 10 to August 20, 2017. The initial starting price was $ 0.1 per token. By the end of the fourth period of sales the cost increased by 7.5 times and amounted to $ 0.7533 per token. In total, during the sale of DEBIT Coin, 11,230,723 tokens were sold for a total of $ 5,888,294. The total issue of the new crypto currency was 1 billion tokens.

Sergey Kovalev is the world light heavyweight champion (WBA super, 2014–2016, IBF, 2014–2016, WBO, 2013–2016). Winner of the WBO (2015) and WBC diamond belt (2015). The first and only Russian, recognized as a boxer of the year according to the magazine “Ring”. Leader of the ranking of the best light heavyweight boxers according to the magazine “Ring” (2015–2016).

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