First DBC pool: CENTUS seigniorage for DBC holders

Voting by DBC holders on Jan 05–07, 2022 decided on a minimum of 10 million DBC tokens for voting on CENTUS activities.

The amount of reward (seigniorage) for voting was approved as 0.5% of CENTUS tokens of the locked number of DBC tokens.

Subsequent voting on January 14 by the aforementioned DBC holders, it was decided that the reward would be paid once a week.

Thus, the total amount of 4 accrues will be 2% a month, or 201,505 CENTUS ($2,015) for each 10 million DBC.

Based on the average price of 1 DBC (as of January 15) on Stellar DEX — 0.001 XLM or $0.00026 (1 XLM = $0.26), the total value of 10 million DBC is $2.600.

Real return on invested funds at this price is 77%.

Rewards are accrued to the Bounty address of DBC holders.

The timing of CENTUS withdrawals from Bounty addresses is set by DBC holders themselves by voting.

DBC pools are started from the moment the news is published.

The purpose of DBC pools is to attract participants who don’t have enough DBC tokens to manage the project and receive rewards in CENTUS tokens.

To participate in a pool and receive reward, you only need to join an existing DBC pool and agree to its terms and conditions and fees.

Any participant can create a DBC pool: all that is needed is to have at least 1 million DBC which form the start-up capital of the DBC pool. The participants have the right to take part in voting within their pool and receive part of reward from the admin of the pool in accordance with his terms and tariffs.

The First DBC Pool

At this time, you can already join the First DBC Pool and start receiving weekly reward in CENTUS tokens.

First DBC Pool’s terms and conditions and fees.

Distribution of the remuneration in the pool (share of the pool/participant’s share):

100k to 3 million DBC — 60/40%
From 3 to 5 million DBC — 50/50%
From 5 million DBC and above — 40/60%

If you give your vote to the pool admin, your reward increases to the next level, i.e:

100k to 3 million DBC- 50/50%
From 3 million to 5 million DBC — 40/60%
From 5 million DBC and above — 35/65

You can join the pool after you send your DBC tokens to Stellar pool address GDFTRD5YC6YYL4CDAKHIKDNGNXGLZM37LSRLAYT5YIQS232D4KO3EBZR
Be sure to include your Telegram nickname in the Memo.

After sending a DBC, you need to join the First DBC Pool Telegram Chat.

An admin will check your DBC sending by your Telegram nickname and will answer your request to join the group.

IMPORTANT: Telegram chat is closed, you can join it only after sending DBC to Stellar pool address.

You can always see your current amount of DBC in the First DBC Pool, the size of the share and the percentage of remuneration, you can always HERE.


I have a small amount of DBC. What can I do?

DBC pools exist just for you. You may have a small number of DBC, for example up to 1 million DBCs, but through pools you can earn rewards each week as long as you participate.
You can’t create your own pool alone, but you can join easily. As soon as the next reward is paid, the pool will distribute the reward among its contributors according to your share in it.
If you gave your votes to the pool admin and you yourself don’t take part in the voting, but simply want to receive a regular income, your reward can be increased if the conditions of the pool admin stipulate that.

I have more than 1 million DBC. What shall I do?

You can either join an existing DBC pool or become an organizer of a new one, offering your depositors attractive reward rates.

What if I don’t have DBC tokens, but only CENTUS?

In this case, you can rent DBC for the period you need on the security of your CENTUS — to do this, you will need to block your CENTUS at a special multisig address, after which the appropriate amount of DBC will be credited to your account in the pool.
For this, you will be charged 20% of your reward. The reward will be sent by the pool organizer directly to the DBC landlord, you do not need to do anything.
The service will be available soon, stay tuned!

We wish everybody Good Luck, join the DBC pools, take part in the CENTUS management and get rewarded every week!👍👍👍

*Frequency of reward accrual is subject to change at the discretion of DBC holders.




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