Exchanging BILLEXC for CENTUSX: 4 options.

On 14.12.-17.12.2021 and 13.01.-16.01.2021, two open discount auctions were held to convert CENTUSX to BILLEXC — the second auction expires today.

As of 01/16/2022, the total supply of BILLEXC on the market is: 170,590,651 tokens.

Due to the absence of CENTUSX purchases during the past year, 4 repayment options are offered for voting by BILLEXC holders:

1. Exchange of BILLEXC to CENTUSX with the cancellation of peg to the US dollar — 0.01 USD and the establishment of a free exchange rate for CENTUSX;

2. Extension of BILLEXC circulation up to 5 years (maximum period during which BILLEXC can be converted back to CENTUSX);

3. Exchange of BILLEXC to a new CENTUS at a ratio of 10:1 to the addresses of security deposits with the accrual of seigniorage basic income at the appropriate rate;

4. Exchange BILLEXC to DBC with a ratio of 1:1. You can use the received DBC tokens in DBC pools to receive seigniorage in the amount of 0.5% weekly to the Bounty address.

Unfreeze dates from security and bounty addresses are decided by DBC holders by voting.

We offer active BILLEXC holders to form an initiative group to organize and conduct voting on the proposed options. Any alternative proposals may also be put forward for voting.
The results of the voting should be submitted to the CENTUS admins for publication and further implementation.

Sincerely, CENTUS🤝





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