Exchange of old tokens to QADSAN market game token-shares

At the first stage, old CENTUS, CENTUSX, USD, BINCOME and BILLEXC tokens are available for exchange.
You can exchange your existing old tokens at a 1:1 rate to the following token-shares of your choice:

QADSAN token-shares

To exchange, you need to have old tokens and open trustlines for the token-shares you are interested in from the list above, and then select the pairs you are interested in on Stellar DEX (any exchange or wallet).

The exchange period is 10 days after the release of the news, until July 16, 2021 inclusive.

Old DBC and BINC tokens will be exchanged later through a special form due to the presence of a large number of old tokens on the hacker’s address.

The purchase and sale of QADSAN token-shares at official prices will begin after the official launch of the project, before that, test transactions are possible.

For more information about QADSAN, please visit

We wish you the best of luck!✌️




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