Exchange DBC to CENTUS

2 min readOct 24, 2022


Dear CENTUS participants — DBC holders,

We are happy to inform you that as of this news, the first test auction for exchanging DBC tokens to CENTUS starts.

Exchange conditions:

1. You must be a member of one of the three DBC pools or a holder of at least 10 million DBC tokens;
2. You must fill the details in the auction form;
3. The price at which you want to exchange 1 DBC to CENTUS:
- minimum $0.00025 (0.025 CENTUS) per 1 DBC;
- maximum $5 (500 CENTUS) per 1 DBC;
4. Wins, the one who offers the minimum rate;
5. Maximum limit of the first auction — 1,000,000 CENTUS;
6. Auction end date: 28.10.2022 UTC inclusive.

Auction limit can be increased if more DBC tokens will be offered at the minimum price for all interested bidders.

The minimum bid for 1 DBC is set based on the Stellar DEX purchase price at the time of the news release UTC (19:15).


In the event that identical bids are placed within the auction limit, the one who places the bid first will win.

Auction winners will receive CENTUS on their BNB Chain (Binance) wallet. Transfers will be made in equal parts of 10% a month of the amount exchanged.

The date of the next auction will be announced after the results of the first auction are summed up.

You can read more about DBC and the exchange at

CENTUS Wishes Everyone Good Luck!✌️