Distribution of 450 million DBC tokens among existing holders

For each 1 DBC token you have, you get an additional 4.5 DBC

As it was previously announced in news from 05.07.2020 and
on 22.07.2020, a decision was made to issue DBC tokens with their subsequent distribution among existing and future holders. The issue of tokens in the amount of 900,000,000 is completed and their gradual distribution begins.

All newly released DBC’s (with the exception of 30% ) will be credited to bounty multisig accounts.

In this regard all DBC holders need to fill out a form where they specify the number of DBC, the address of the wallet where they are located, as well as their bounty multisig wallet for crediting.

Please fill out the form with your details at this link.

Accruals will be made within a month after the publication of this news. Applications will not be accepted after the specified deadline.

Good luck to everyone, get seigniorage, invite your friends and earn even more!