Discount BILLEX / CENTUS auction results for 22–25th March 2021

From 22.03.2021 / 11:00 (UTC) to 25.03.2021 / 11:00 (UTC), an open auction for the issue of discount BILLEX (Bill of Exchange) was held.

Issue Limit: 100,000,000 BILLEX
Demand amounted to: 104,547,774.29 BILLEX
42 offers with a value of 59,450,607.25 CENTUS were accepted and paid
Clearing price: 0.25 CENTUS per 1 BILLEX
Total bids (amount) at the clearing price: 101,095,314.27 BILLEX
Total winning bids: 23

BILLEX Auction Discount: 75%
Yield to maturity: 400% per annum

Detailed results of auction:

All winning participance receive BILLEX at a price of 0.25 CENTUS

Exceeding the limit: 34,450,607.25 CENTUS will be returned to the bidders at Stellar addresses.
25,000,000 CENTUS tokens were burned.

Congratulations to all winners and thanks to the auction participants!



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