CENTUS NFT tokens for participating in DBC pools!

All DBC pools participants will receive CENTUS NFT tokens depending on the number of DBCs they have contributed to the pool.

  1. The value of a CENTUS NFT token cannot be lower than 0.01 USD, the upper price limit is not set.

3. CENTUS NFT token holders receive seigniorage in CENTUS tokens.

4. The accrual ratio is 0.5% of the DBC amount in the pool — the more DBC you have, the more CENTUS NFT tokens you will get. ​

5. In addition, you can get a free real CENTUS coin tied to your NFT token with a unique number to participate in profitable lotteries and increased seigniorage.

66.The cost of delivery of a coin from 5,000 CENTUS, depending on the region of delivery, you must pay yourself.

77. CENTUS NFT tokens will be sent to Bounty addresses of participants with a gradual unfreezing. Defrost periods are set by the decision of the DBC holders. You can also participate in this decision by participating in the DBC pool.

8. To receive a CENTUS NFT token, you agree to participate in a DBC pool for a period of at least 12 months.

Participate in DBC pools, Earn High Income and Get Unique CENTUS NFT tokens!💵💵💵

We wish Success to Everyone!👍

*Short-term volatility within -5% of the peg is allowed.



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