CENTUS New Telegram Invite Promo Contest: $2000 Giveaway

The main condition of this Promo is that the friends you invite shouldn’t leave the chat during a month.

📢 CENTUS Stable Cent $2000 Giveaway

🎁 Prize: Up to $100 CENTUS

🚻 5 points Reference Bonus

🌹$1800 Worth of CENTUS tokens for top 50 people and $200 worth of CENTUS tokens for 20 random people🌹


▪️Start bot @CentusRewardBot

▪️Join CENTUS telegram group (5 points)

▪️Join CENTUS telegram channel (5 points)

▪️Subscribe CENTUS YouTube channel (5 points)

▪️Follow on Twitter and retweet pinned post (5 points)

▪️Follow on Medium (5 points)

▪️Follow and like CENTUS Facebook page (5 points)

▪️Join our promo partners channel (5 points)


▪️You can get 10 points for each confirmed referral joined by your unique referral link.

All prizes are paid in CENTUS and placed in Demand deposits with increased seigniorage rate with a condition that the winner can withdraw 10% of the amount on monthly basis.

The Promo Contest will end when the number of new invited CENTUS Telegram group members reaches more than 10,000 people.

Invite your Telegram friends and get more CENTUS!

Good luck to all ✌️