CENTUS market cap has exceeded USD 2,000,000

On December 11, 2020, CENTUS market cap exceeded 2,000,000 USD

Additionally, 20 million CENTUS tokens were issued for purposes of further sales, accruals of seigniorage and basic income.

From the moment the news is released, 20% of CENTUS, CENTUSX, USD and DBC will be defrosted from participants’ Bounty Stellar addresses.

To withdraw USD, you need to go through the KYC process on centus.site.

Participants who have not withdrawn 10% upon reaching the cap of $1 million can withdraw 30% of their assets on the Bounty addresses.

DBC holders who have not withdrawn their 10% of tokens will receive an additional 50% upon reaching CENTUS cap of $3 million.

To transfer CENTUS, CENTUSX and USD, every participant needs to open a special Bounty deposit address on their centus.fund account with a possibility to withdraw 10% of the amount monthly. You can withdraw 10% immediately after transferring your amount from the Bounty address to your deposit address.

To Bounty deposit wallets will be accrued only seigniorage without basic income.

CENTUS wish you all the best!✌️