CENTUS General Election of Admins and Moderators

Dear CENTUS participants and partners!

We announce the beginning of preparations for the General Election of CENTUS Admins and Moderators.

The elections will be held in several stages.

1. Election of the Election Commission.
This commission will carry out the preparation of the elections and control the fairness of their holding. Any member of the community (except for administrators and moderators) can become a member of the commission.
- The number of members of the commission is from 3 to 5 people.
- The term of the elections is 7 days.
- The candidates will be elected to the election commission, for whom the community will give the maximum number of votes.
- Members of the election commission must have a good understanding of the principles of the project’s work, knowledge of the “White Paper” is mandatory.

2. The Election Commission prepares the elections for administrators and moderators.

3. Those who have already created support groups for partners and CENTUS participants and provide them with active and effective assistance do not take part in the elections. These members automatically become admins.
@Slava_Veseluy @Kirill_Centus @qtpan @lexayoshka @viko30 @kestutisAD.
Also, our Bounty and payment admin @potokudachi do not take part in the elections.

4. Each participant can apply to participate in the elections by sending a message with the hashtag #election/admin or #election/moderator and the following information:
- Verification passed (YES or NO)
- Investment amount (CENTUS, USD, STABLECENT and other tokens)
- The level of knowledge of the “White Paper” of the project, according to the participant himself.

*Requirements for candidates:

- Admin:
1. Knowledge of the White Paper
2. The minimum balance is 300,000 CENTUS/STABLECENT

- Moderator:
1. Knowledge of the White Paper
2. The minimum balance is 50,000 CENTUS/STABLECENT

5. Election of administrators and moderators will be held within 30 days from the date of their announcement.

6. Any CENTUS participant who has at least 100 DBC on his account at the time of voting can take part in the voting. To send your vote you need to translate 1 DBC to the address

One Stellar address can vote only 1 time!

1 DBC = 1 VOTE

7. After summing up the voting results, the election commission publishes the list of candidates who took part in the elections and received the maximum number of votes of participants.

8. After summing up the voting results, the list of administrators and moderators who won the elections will be published in the CENTUS news.

Current administrators and moderators participate in elections on a general basis.
Major DBC holders do not participate in the voting process until the preliminary results are summed up.
In the event of a dispute, large DBC holders can vote for the most active and useful members of the CENTUS community, guided solely by their own opinion.

❗️The Election Commission will additionally announce the start of the election of “Admins and Moderators”

🔸All participants who took part in the vote will be credited with 500 BONUS tokens with subsequent conversion to STABLECENT to bounty addresses.

Each selected admin and moderator will receive a monthly reward, and will also receive a share in the Admins Company, depending on the number of CENTUS / STABLECENT tokens he has and activity in the community.

Start of elections of members of the election commission on June 1!

We wish you all good luck!!!✌️

“The financial market is a device for redistributing money from impatient to patient investors.” Warren Buffett