CENTUS Capitalization Exceeded USD 4,000,000. Unfreezing total amount of assets on Participants’ Bounty Addresses

On January 15, 2020, the CENTUS market capitalization exceeded USD 4,000,000.

In addition, 100 million CENTUS tokens (USD 1 million) were issued for purpose of sale, seigniorage and basic income payments.

Once the news is published, all frozen assets, that is, the remaining 40%, can be transferred from the bounty address: DBC and BINC tokens to regular Stellar addresses, all the rest to deposit bounty addresses.

As the amount of funds being unfrozen is large enough, funds from the deposit bounty addresses will become available for withdrawal gradually in accordance with the algorithmic CENTUS market supply in order to maintain a stable value of CENTUS. In the 1st month you will be able to withdraw 5% of the total amount on your deposit bounty address. Taking into account the fact that you will have all the previously accumulated assets on your deposit bounty address now, the withdrawal amount of 5% will be no less than 10% of the partial amount at the previous stages.

In the future, withdrawal percentage will be announced every month depending on the CENTUS supply on the market.

Please be informed that only seigniorage without basic income is accrued on the bounty deposit wallets.

At the time the news is published, all DBC holders who had not previously withdrawn 10% of their tokens have received an additional 50% to their wallets.

New conditions for the bounty program will be announced later.

CENTUS wishes good luck to everyone, we are confidently moving towards 10 million and more! ✌️💲💲💲



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