CENTUS Bounty program has become more profitable by 100%!
All rates are multiplied by 2!

Withdrawal of earned funds from Bounty wallets 5% per month to your Bounty deposit address.

For the entire period, seigniorage is accrued 2 times a week.

IMPORTANT: If you have not withdrawn funds over the past month, next month you can also withdraw only 5%, profit does not accumulate.

We remind you that in order to maintain a stable value of CENTUS, funds from the deposit Bounty address can be withdrawn gradually in accordance with the algorithmic offer of CENTUS on the market. In the 1st month, you will be able to withdraw 5% of the total amount to your deposit Bounty address.
Each month, additionally, the withdrawal percentage will be announced depending on the offer of CENTUS on the market.


  1. In the BOUNTY program, you can participate with only 1 social network account. One person — one social network account.
  2. Repost on social networks (repost + like + comment):
  • every day you can publish 1 repost from our groups in different social networks, one repost for each article. The second repost from the same post will be not paid. If there are no old posts or you have already reposted everything, you do not need to send it again. Wait for a new post will be published;
  • you need to make a repost, not just a post with a copy of pasting text from our groups;
  • your social media profiles should be public (open to everyone), your friends list should also be available to everyone;
  • repost must be done through the “Share in the news feed” button;
  • it is necessary to include the original post if it is in the post;
  • there are reward only for reposts that was reposted no longer than 30 days after publication.

3. Publish posts with screenshots of seigniorage accruals on the social network. Published screenshots will be paid only if it was published no later than 5 days after payment. Each screenshot is paid only once!
If you have a lot of seigniorage accrues, you will be paid for only one screenshot and only once. Posts with screenshots no more than 2 times per week.
Screenshots of accrues from the faucet on the deposit site and accrues from 5 USD are not paid.
Your personal posts with an affiliate link without a screenshot are not paid.

4. Leave comments with screenshots of your seigniorage under our post about seigniorage accrual on the social network. For example, if our post about accrual of seigniorage was published on January 15, you need to leave a comment with your screenshot of the accrual from January 15. Only one comment with a screenshot is paid for!
If you have a lot of seigniorage accrues, you pay only for one screenshot and only once. No more than 2 times a week.

5. Write a comment under the video and like the video on our YouTube channel, then make a repost on the social network. The report should contain a link of your sharing our video on the social network and a link of your comment on YouTube.
You must share the video on social networks using the “Share” button on YouTube near the video. The comment is paid for only once under one video.

6. Write a comment under our post and “apploud” on Medium and get 20 BONUS per comment (there is no need in sharing on social media).
You must throw a link to your comment in the chat. You need to comment under our article only once. The second comment is not paid.

7. Awards for avatars in Telegram and social networks 10 BONUS
(Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, VK)
You must have more than 50 friends on your social network.

To receive payments, you need to connect @PapayaBot. To connect a bot, just click on the /start button in the bot.

Link reports need to be dropped into our general Telegram group.

The reward during the promotion increases by 100%

If you have:
• from 50 to 99 friends, you will receive 10 BONUS for repost
• from 100 to 199 friends — 20 BONUS for repost
• from 200 to 1000 friends — 40 BONUS for repost
• more than 1000 friends — 100 BONUS for repost

If you have less than 50 friends on the social network, do not throw off links.
You will be not paid.

Subscribe to our groups and start earning!


Your link in your social media account must remain for at least 14 days.

In case of violation of this rule — BAN forever.

Checking reports for up to 10 days.

The exchange of BONUS for CENTUS for reposts is made via chat.

You need to dial at least 2000 BONUS for exchange. We recommend collecting bonuses in the @PapayaBot cause there is the risk of confusion with other.
If you have collected more than 2000 BONUS, you should transfer from the bot to your regular Stellar wallet (not multisig) first.

You need to create a new multisig address.
Our BOUNTY Signatures:

Send the amount of bonuses you want to change to our address GB4HYGFTS2LQSILVUPGODUPBI3FGV6NTR5L7GSU5ZSMEWX2WOIIWTLOY

Write in the chat:
#BONUS/CENTUS for reposts, amount and your multisig wallet

Throw off the screen that you have sent bonuses to our address in the chat.

Our admin will check and send you CENTUS to your BOUNTY wallet.

CENTUS wishes everyone the best!
Thank you for being with us!🤝

*** The end of the promotion will be announced later.



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