CENTUS Assets Re-issue

5 min readMar 10, 2021


Dear participants!

CENTUS announces an urgent re-issue of all project tokens to stabilize the situation and completely neutralize the consequences of the hacker attack on the app.centus.one website that was operating in the BETA version. Old tokens are declared invalid from the moment of the news release and will soon be fully replaced with new ones based on a snapshot of the blockchain at 16:48 UTC on March 9.

New project tokens were issued from the following addresses:









We ask our participants to add trustlines to our new tokens so that we can continue to pay reimbursements, accrue interests and purchases and process other routine operations.

For your convenience, we advice to use https://Stellarterm.com website to add trustlines and the following relevant domain names to find our tokens easy:

centus.one for tokens:





billex.club for tokens:




basicincome.foundation for:


We understand that in the present situation there is a possibility of new CENTUS tokens massive sales and, as result, destabilization of their value. Therefore, as provided in the CENTUS project White Paper, BILLEX tokens were issued to maintain a stable price. A discount auction will be announced shortly. All participants wishing to take part in it will receive BILLEX tokens with an auction discount, which allows them to receive a high income when they are redeemed, instead of new CENTUS tokens.

For members who do not want to convert CENTUS to BILLEX, we offer an alternative option: they can choose to add deposit multi-signatures to their wallets and receive new CENTUS, USD and BINCOME to these multisig addresses. It will be possible to withdraw 5% of the total assets amount from such addresses monthly. On these addresses (security deposits)will be accrued an increased seigniorage at the rate of one-month deposits and basic income at the usual rate.

All stolen funds will be returned in full in new tokens, the accruals of interest will continue in the same volume according to the same schedule. Therefore, the inconveniences associated with the delayed withdrawal, in a financial sense, will be fully compensated.

All measures to restrict withdrawals are temporary and will be canceled after the final stabilization of the situation is reached.

All this will allow to address our main issue of maintaining the CENTUS stable value and to ensure the stable project operation for the long term.

Multi-signature addresses (security deposits): GCH2XRYQVJQ24HWIBDZ3QSBQD4GWI6MRVOBZIVOVDSJSYYL5P4NERX4U

As announced earlier, in the near future, 5% of the balance of your main and deposit wallets will be credited to Bounty wallets. Check if bounty wallets are listed in your profile.

In addition, each holder of our assets will receive BINCOME tokens in the amount of 5% of of new CENTUS amount. BINCOME will be credited to the participants’ Bounty wallets.

Those participants who had maintained accounts at https://app.centus.one need to contact their senior partners or support team and register anew at https://centus.one.

All new CENTUS purchases can be credited to your main non-multisig wallets. You can carry out all the necessary actions at your own discretion and without any restrictions in these accounts.

This is a difficult, but the only right decision in this situation, since, despite the early response, we failed not only to eliminate, but also even significantly minimize the consequences of the attack due to the decentralized nature of the blockchain.

What was done before this news is published:

1. In the very first minutes of the attack, we contacted the Stellar blockchain developers and ask them to mark the addresses used by hacker as malicious. This was done immediately.

2. A snapshot of the movement of funds on the hacker’s wallet during the attack was taken, thanks to which we retained information about the balances of the wallets involved in the attack before the attack.

3. Measures have been taken to stabilize the rate of our tokens on the DEX.

4. The refund of funds to the owners of the compromised wallets has begun immediately after we received the very first requests from our participants.

5. The server that hosted the app.centus.one site has been stopped.

6. The compromised wallets used for sending interest, which were done through the same server. Now the accruals are transferred from another server and from other wallets.

However, all the measures taken were not enough to neutralize the attacker and the consequences of his attack, since the hacker continues the attack, using not the original vulnerability, but the decentralized nature of the Stellar blockchain itself. Despite the fact that the hacker’s wallet is tagged, he can create new wallets from compromised addresses, transfer funds between these addresses and place sale orders on the exchanges, and also disguises the movement of stolen funds between accounts by merging and re-creating addresses. This erases the entire history of the assets movement on the original addresses. This allows him to affect the price of our tokens by selling stolen tokens on DEX and continue to destabilize the situation. At the same time, the entire project as a whole continues to bear costs, trying to restore the price of CENTUS and other tokens.

Thus, although the attack did not directly affect the wallets of participants who never visited the app.centus.one website (and even could not, since we do not work with private keys on our main website at https://centus.one), and the funds of such participants are safe, the entire project as a whole suffered from the attack due to destabilization of the CENTUS course.

Given the experience gained, CENTUS is abandoning plans to create its own centralized platform, even for the convenience of the participants, and will move towards increasingly decentralization of both the technical infrastructure and social add-ons that serve the community. In the near future, there will be news about the complete decentralization of the project.

CENTUS is based on a very viable and attractive idea which is able to inspire people from all walks of life all over the world, and we will bring it to life anyway, so you can be sure that no intruders will be able to interfere with our movement forward, especially with your support!

CENTUS asks all participants to treat the current situation with understanding and assures that everything possible will be done to restore and increase the funds that you have invested in the project.

Good Luck Everyone!!!✌