BILLEX/CENTUS conversion results at 1:1 rate

After the discount auction dated May 6–8, 2021, the participants who did not win, as well as all other interested participants, were offered the convert of CENTUS tokens for BILLEX at a rate of 1:1

As a result, as of the date of the end of the exchange 21:09 on 05/31/2021, 288,471,727.4606744 CENTUS were converted into the corresponding amount of BILLEX.

TOTAL, taking into account the auction, 383,471,727.4606744 CENTUS were converted and burned.

For participants who opened trustlines for BILLEX, tokens were sent to Stellar addresses from where CENTUS was sent.

In addition, STABLECENT tokens will be sent to all participants who took part in the auction, as well as converted their CENTUS to BILLEX, to the security deposit addresses specified in the profile.

In the future, as the price of CENTUS stabilizes, STABLECENT tokens will be transferred to the regular Stellar addresses of the participants or converted to CENTUS at the request of the participant in exchange for the redemption of BILLEX according to the queue.

Seigniorage is accrued to STABLECENT for the entire period of their holding on the security deposit account.

BILLEX tokens can be transferred to any participant’s Stellar addresses at will, however, you should understand that when converting back, this may complicate the work of admins and such transactions will take longer to sign, taking into account additional checks of new addresses.

A request to participants who have received BILLEX, but do not have a security deposit address, create them by adding additional signatures:


Due to errors with signatures in Solar wallet, the conversion of CENTUS to BILLEX at the rate of 1:1 has been extended for everyone until June 30, 23:59 UTC.

We wish you all good luck! 🤝