Additional issuance of 900 million DBC tokens

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On the Stellar blockchain, 900 million DBC tokens are issued

On July 10, a vote on the additional issue of 900 million DBC tokens and their distribution among existing and future holders took place and was successfully completed.

Voting results:

In total, 64 votes were calculated (of which 2 voted twice and were not taken into account), 3 addresses did not have DBC on their balances and 1 vote did not confirm its vote by sending 0.01 XLM.

A total of 58 valid voice addresses were considered for the voting.

Of these, 1 address with a balance of 1 DBC voted against and the rest of the addresses with 14 747 296.5 DBC voted FOR the additional issuance!

Thus, by a general vote of the DBC holders, it was decided to issue tokens with their subsequent distribution according to the news of July 5, 2020.

A snapshot of the blockchain will be taken on July 23, 20:00 UTC, after which the tokens will be issued and the process of distribution to the participants’ Stellar addresses will begin.

Part of the remuneration will be distributed among the participants of the CENTUS Telegram groups, terms will be published later.

Thank you for voting!👍

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