A special “CENTUS Admins Corp” is established

1 min readFeb 2, 2021

CENTUS makes the reward system really work.

Currently, a certain fixed amount of CENTUS is deducted to the admins salary fund with subsequent distribution among employees.

Since the establishment of the “Admins Corp”, a new principle of deductions to the bonus fund has been introduced, which will significantly increase and grow exponentially over time. The fund will receive a fixed part of the amount from CENTUS capitalization, plus additional amounts for certain types of deals carried out by the admins themselves.

As a result, against the background of the CENTUS development, the salary fund will be quite modest, the main money will be provided by the bonus fund. Funds will be distributed according to clear criteria, with awards for those who improve the overall culture of CENTUS and penalties for those who do the opposite.

This plan will meet the spirit of the times and will be extremely useful for our “motley” CENTUS community.

It is Profitable to be a CENTUS Admin!✌️