20% Referral Seigniorage: information for senior partners

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Today, senior partners were accrued one more referral seigniorage (commission) in the amount of 20% of the seigniorage amount of their junior partners (referrals) who bought at least 5000 CENTUS in total.

We ask all senior partners to check their previous commission accruals and inform us if commissions were not accrued.

How to check: Enter your stellar address in the search field on the website stellar.expert and find a CENTUS payment dated March 06, 2020. Click the transaction number and, on the page that opens, find the MEMO that shows the ID of your referral.

Then, find the Stellar address of your junior partner by their ID in the partners list in your Centus.one account and check when they bought CENTUS.*

If there is no such payment, then referral seigniorage has not been accrued. In this case, please send the information below to the Telegram contact @CentusOne for additional accrual.

Also, on March 6, we accrued the referral seigniorage of 20% to senior partners whose referrals bought at least 1000 CENTUS. You can also check your and your referrals’ transaction history on stellar.expert.

Please specify the following information in your Telegram message:

  1. Your email
  2. CENTUS purchase date
  3. Amount of purchased CENTUS
  4. Your referral Stellar address
  5. Dates when referral seigniorage was not accrued

Please do not ask any questions on other issues, as well as if the purchase amount is below 1000 CENTUS.

Happy Friday everyone! 👍

*CENTUS purchased are accrued from this Stellar address GBO6RTKL4I74ZKSDL44OZ24ITIA2EZ2V2WQYRFJDRHWBVNIBPKAF5JD5

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