Earn 10% of CENTUS purchased by your partners and 50% of their profits.

Starting on April 14, you will receive two times more partner reward for purchases made by your junior partners after March 9th: Your commission will be 10% of CENTUS amount purchased by your 1st line partners and 2% of CENTUS amount purchased by your 2nd line partners.

In addition, twice a week, you will get 50% of the seigniorage received by your 1st line partners and 10% of the seigniorage received by your 2nd line partners.


  1. The promotion applies to purchases of 5000 CENTUS or more made on the centus.one website using cryptocurrency (BTC, BCH, ETH, DAI, LTC, USDC).


Withdrawal of earned funds from Bounty wallets 5% per month to your Bounty deposit address.

For the entire period, seigniorage is accrued 2 times a week.

IMPORTANT: If you have not withdrawn funds over the past month, next month you can also withdraw only 5%, profit does not accumulate.

We remind you that in order to maintain a stable value of CENTUS, funds from the deposit Bounty address can be withdrawn gradually in accordance with the algorithmic offer of CENTUS on the market. In the 1st month, you will be able to withdraw 5% of the total amount to your…

From the moment the news is released everyone who buys CENTUS with Crypto on the centus.one website will be credited with additional CENTUS tokens in the amount of 25% of the purchase amount monthly.

CENTUS will be accrued to the bounty wallet indicated in your centus.one profile.

Direct withdrawal 5% per month to your regular wallet, bypassing the bounty deposit.

Payment will be done every month within the first days after the month of purchase.

How to calculate a 25% monthly amount:

25% / 30 days * number of days passed since the purchase.


  1. On April 1, you…

Clearing price

From 22.03.2021 / 11:00 (UTC) to 25.03.2021 / 11:00 (UTC), an open auction for the issue of discount BILLEX (Bill of Exchange) was held.

Issue Limit: 100,000,000 BILLEX
Demand amounted to: 104,547,774.29 BILLEX
42 offers with a value of 59,450,607.25 CENTUS were accepted and paid
Clearing price: 0.25 CENTUS per 1 BILLEX
Total bids (amount) at the clearing price: 101,095,314.27 BILLEX
Total winning bids: 23

BILLEX Auction Discount: 75%
Yield to maturity: 400% per annum

Convert your CENTUS to BILLEX with discount and get a high return at redemption.

You can get BILLEX (Bill of Exchange) for less than 1 CENTUS (U.S. Stable Cent) through an open discount auction and receive 1 CENTUS at maturity.

Asset code: BILLEX
Friendly name: Bill of Exchange
Description: BILLEX is Blockchain-Based Discount Bill of Exchange for instant transactions and daily income generation.

The discount is determined at a public auction: To get a BILLEX, you place your bid, entering a price for 1 BILLEX in CENTUS and number of CENTUS you want to convert. …

Dear participants!

CENTUS announces an urgent re-issue of all project tokens to stabilize the situation and completely neutralize the consequences of the hacker attack on the app.centus.one website that was operating in the BETA version. Old tokens are declared invalid from the moment of the news release and will soon be fully replaced with new ones based on a snapshot of the blockchain at 16:48 UTC on March 9.

New project tokens were issued from the following addresses:









We ask our participants to add…

CENTUS Congratulates on International Women’s Day!

Happy Women’s Day to all the incredible women! Shine on…. Not just today but everyday!

On the holiday March 8th, we give every of our female participants 500 CENTUS* and launch a promotion: Every woman should enjoy 5%!!!🙂

Each of our female participants who buys CENTUS within the period from March 8 to 15 (12.00 UTC) will receive an extra seigniorage and BASIC INCOME at a total Extra rate of 5% as a holiday gift that will be accrued on their CENTUS every Tuesday and Friday during 3 months.

In order to receive 5%

Dear participants!

Please be informed that due to a software malfunction, Basic Income on BILLEXC on February 2, 2021 was only credited to BILLEXC holders who bought BILLEXC at auction.

The accrual amount was calculated using the CENTUSX amount that participated in the auction and was 2% of BILLEXC purchased at the clearing price (1% each for this day and for the missed accrual on Monday).

Moreover, BINCOME tokens were transfered to the same wallets that were recorded on auction (including bounty wallets cleared due to changes in the Bounty Program terms and conditions). As a result, some BILLEXС holders…


Dear CENTUS Holders,

As you know, the number of CENTUS Stable Cent tokens in circulation increases or decreases according to a given algorithm depending on market demand, in other words, depending on the purchases and sales of the token by holders.

Seigniorage is distributed twice a week — on Tuesdays and Fridays.

For a long time, since October 2019, the interest rate was determined by voting among the participants — the owners of DBC and CENTUS tokens.

Currently, the process of introducing a new algorithm for determining the rate and distribution of seigniorage is underway, This algoritm calculates a seigniorage…

CENTUS makes the reward system really work.

Currently, a certain fixed amount of CENTUS is deducted to the admins salary fund with subsequent distribution among employees.

Since the establishment of the “Admins Corp”, a new principle of deductions to the bonus fund has been introduced, which will significantly increase and grow exponentially over time. The fund will receive a fixed part of the amount from CENTUS capitalization, plus additional amounts for certain types of deals carried out by the admins themselves.

As a result, against the background of the CENTUS development, the salary fund will be quite modest, the main money will be provided by the bonus…

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